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Hownature has extensive experience and specializes in liquid products. We help our clients formulate and produce a variety of liquid products including foods, health supplements as well as cosmetics (e.g. vitamin drops, DHA liquids, tree oils).

Got your own ideas or expected unique products? No worries! We can commercialize your idea with our customized services and solutions of liquid products.

White Label Contract Manufacturing
Reliable Contract Manufacturing Liquid Product Line


Hownature is capable of developing gummy formulations with your selected shape, color, flavor and function. We are flexible to meet your business needs of production by providing bulks or finished goods.

Most important of all, we are confident to supply the most competitive pricing of gummies to support your success in business.

Gummies Product Line
White Label Contract Manufacturing Gummy Products


Hownature is collaborating with the R&D partners specialized in probiotics for over 20 years. We now offer probiotic strains, starter cultures as well as probiotic supplements in the forms of powder, liquid, sachet, capsule, blister and etc.

Our competitive strengths: Professional R&D, Various formulations, Lean production, Customized package, Quality control and Documentation support.

Hownature Nutraceutical Capsule Products

Tablet, Softgel, Capsule Product Solutions

Hownature is managing and working closely with our registered manufacturing foreign site so that we can offer a variety of health product types in the form of tablets, softgels and capsules (gelatin or veggie shell).

We guarantee all our products are in compliance with the regulatory & quality requirements of Heath Canada, and what's more, with the lowest pricing ever.